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A Night at the Roculus

What Is Love? Or … what happens when you take a well-known 90s comedy sketch, put it in Virtual Reality and turn it into a head moving rhythm game? This … video embedded below:

A highly immersive next-generation 90’s experience exclusively for Oculus Rift.

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Because October.

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Because October.

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He’s a keeper


So after displaying my love of tacos this weekend, my boyfriend paid me another surprise visit today and brought me Taco Bell for lunch.  There are no Taco Bell’s near my home, so he must have traveled to another neighborhood before coming to my place to acquire such a prized treat. /Swoon

Also, TB in Korea apparently has Bulgogi nacho fries.  Who knew?


Oh, man. I really, really, really want bulgogi nacho fries from Taco Bell. 


Just got that job offer letter! And a hefty raise! 


I have been waiting on a job offer letter to come in for about a week now and the anticipation of finally being able to be excited for a new, better job is driving me a little bit crazy

ASK ME THINGS to save me from myself


Here for this headline


Here for this headline

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got called a SJW on reddit today

feels good


Yes please.

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Legendary Wolf.

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